Meet the Sassy Kids

Sally is a sassy little girl that is out to prove to the world that she isn't your average girl.  She is tough as nails and can hang with the boys any day of the week.  Playing ball, climbing trees, out jumping, out running and out throwing any of the neighborhood kids is what Sally lives for.  Sally is feisty and she doesn't let anyone push her around.  She is a tomboy, there's no doubt about that, but she also has a softer side too. 
When Sally isn't out causing mischief, she enjoys reading books, baking, dancing, nature and playing fetch with her dog Bella.  It's a good mix and she wears it well. Since Sally is a tomboy, it would only make sense that her best friend would be a boy.  That best friend is Noah.  A boy that lives next door.  And when you get these two together, you can be sure that they will be up to there eyeballs in mischievous fun.. That's for certain.



Joey & Annabelle
Joey & Annabelle are fraternal twins, and their big sister is Sally.  Josephine (Joey for short, born first) & Annabelle may be twins, but not looking alike, isn't the only thing that is different about them.
Joey, she doesn't like to be called Josephine, (it's too girlie) takes after her big sister Sally.  She too likes to get into mischief if she isn't causing it. Joey likes to climb trees, digging for worms and playing ball and tag with the boys.  Anything that involves getting dirty. She doesn't do bows, so she uses twine to tie up her ponytails. She doesn't want to have anything to do with being labeled a girl.  In fact, if it weren't for the ponytails, you wouldn't even know she was a girl. The only 'girlie' thing about Joey, is her red Mary Jane shoes.  And that's only because her momma makes her wear them. 
Annabelle on the other hand, enjoys being a girl.  She desperately wants to be like her twin sister Joey and her big sis Sally, and get into minimal mischief and have fun, yet still wants to be seen as a girl.  Annabelle has come to the realization that she can't climb trees or any of those fun kind of things wearing a dress and carrying around a doll that might get broken. So... Annabelle has figured it out.  Instead of a doll, she carries around her teddy bear Theodore, because teddy bears are more lovable when they are worn and dirty and they don't usually get broken.  And to accent just a little of the girl in her, she wears barrettes in her hair instead of big frilly bows that might get caught on a branch or get pulled on by the boys while playing tag.  She enjoys playing with her sister and joining in the fun, but Annabelle is usually the angel of the two and is usually Joey's voice of reasoning when her mischief starts to get out of hand.  And even though she has fun, more often than not, she usually ends up being Joey's lookout.   What a good sister she is. Pretty responsible, wouldn't you say?


Bobbi Sue is a country girl, through & through. Her, her daddy & her grandma Tilly, have just moved into the neighborhood. Well, actually, just outside of town in the quaint little white farmhouse. Bobbi Sue's momma died when she was just a baby & her daddy & her grandma have been raising her. Bobbie Sue LOVES it on the farm. She is in charge of gathering the eggs each day and she also loves helping her daddy feed all the farm animals. They have horses, pigs & cows and Bobbi Sue loves riding on the back of her daddy's old Ford pickup. She is quite the daddy's girl, that's for sure.
Noah is the mischievous, yet sweet little fella that lives next door to Sally and her two sisters.  He & Sally became fast friends the moment that he and his family moved in.  In fact, Noah & Sally are best friends, and are pretty much inseparable.  They are almost like the Bobbsey Twins. At least that's what their moms call them.
Fishing, football, playing marbles, tree climbing and rough housing are just a few of Noah & Sally's favorite things to do.  When they aren't together, they are usually chatting through their open bedroom windows using their tin can phones.  And don't tell her, but Noah secretly has a crush on Sally.  Remember....mums the word!
What can I say about Charlie? Well, first off, her name is really Charlotte. Her brother Wyatt started calling her Charlie when she was little, he was secretly hoping for a baby brother, and it's been that way ever since. She doesn't mind though. She likes being one of the boys.
You just learned that Charlie is Wyatt's younger sister.  I mean, seriously, even if I hadn't told you, don't you see the resemblance? Unlike her brother Wyatt, Charlie adores school and is often seen with her nose in a book. She reads everything that she can get her hands on. And I do mean everything.  She even has a comic book collection. How cool is that? She can often been seen reading one of them under her covers at night, using a flashlight.  She's a sneaky one, that Charlie.  
Although Charlie spends a lot of time studying, reading and helping out at the library, she can often be found hanging out with Annabelle, playing with her teddy bear Theodore and even playing football with the rest of the kids in the neighborhood. Yep, you guessed it, Charlie is a little bit of a tomboy too. Perhaps, that is why she isn't a big fan of her red hair OR her freckles, but everyone thinks she is just adorable. But don't let those glasses fool you. Charlie is no pushover, she probably gets that from her brother, and a very spry little carrot top. You need to keep an eye on her, because she too has a mischievous streak. I don't find that surprising at all! Do you?


Wyatt, is Charlie's older brother and boy, does he like to get into trouble!  That is, if he isn't causing it. Wyatt hates school. Probably because he'd rather be out playing football, baseball or just goofing off. Wyatt, Sally & Noah can often been seen hanging out down by the town pond fishing, swimming on hot summer afternoons, skipping rocks or just shooting the breeze. He is a handful, for sure and just like the rest of the kids, he is a force to be reckoned with. He can be a bully at times, but all in all, Wyatt is a loyal, yet very competitive friend that just loves having fun.  Talk around town is that Joey has a HUGE crush on him.  I mean, who doesn't love a bad boy. . .just a little!


Max & Maddie

I'd like you to meet Max & Maddie. They have such an amazing story.  Max & Maddie are brother and sister. They don't look much alike, do they.  You want to know why?  They are adopted.  They know their story, so they have a very special bond.  Max is about 3 months older than Maddie so he is the BIG brother, and he certainly asks the part. Trust me, Maddie can hold her own, but she doesn't mind letting Max be the big brother.  He likes to be her protector and she is perfectly happy letting him. Ya gotta love a guy like that. 
More Bios coming soon......