Everything you need to know about Sassy Cheryl's digital stamps & colored illustrations.

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What are Digital stamps?
Digital stamps are a black & white/outlined image that you print. Illustrations are created in 300+ resolution.  The images have crisp lines and details which are perfect for printing and using in all of your crafting projects.  Unlike rubber stamps, you are able to resize and reverse the images to suit your needs, which is a definite plus.  If you are new to digital stamps there is information at the bottom of this page to help you with questions that you may have about downloading the images, resizing and printing them. 

What is the difference between the Digital stamps & the colored Illustrations?
Digital stamps are a black & white/outlined image that you print and color yourself to use in making projects .  
The colored Illustration is the 'pre-colored' image that I have hand colored. Also perfect for making cards, when you don't have the time to color your own.

How may I use your Sassy Cheryl's images?
Sassy Cheryl's images are intended for your personal use only.  They may be printed as often as you like and used in the making of hand-made crafts and cards as long as the terms of use (TOU) policy is followed.  

I was charged for my purchase(s) but have not received an email with the links.  Why?
When your payment is completed through Paypal, for security purposes, the emails, including the confirmation of your order and the email with the links for your download(s) are sent to the Paypal account email, or the email that was used at checkout.  Please check that email account for the emails as well as your spam/junk folder.

Download availability
All Sassy Cheryl's products are available for instant download, with a link provided via email. For security purposes and to prevent theft and sharing you will have 3 attempts for downloading your purchase.  Please be sure to create a separate folder for your digital Sassy Cheryl's image purchases as well as backing up your images.  Sassy Cheryl's is not responsible for replacing lost digital images due to customer error or computer crashes.  If however, there is a problem with your digital download(s), please contact me and I will be happy to resend the email with your active links.

I ordered a duplicate image.  What do I do?
If you have mistakenly ordered an identical image in the same order, (purchasing the same stamp image twice), I will gladly issue a refund or replace the image with a different image of equal price.  Duplicate images purchased on two separate dates is due to customer error and a refund/and or replacement image will not be given.  I'm sorry.

It is a good idea to specify a folder on your computer or hard drive for Sassy Cheryl's images to insure that you are able to keep track of what you have previously ordered.  Refunds for a duplicate purchase of a previously purchased image(s) will not be given. 

What if I misplace or lose my digital images or my computer crashes, will you resend the files to me?
We completely understand that accidents and crashes of computers happen, therefore we encourage you to back up your digital images on an external hard drive or CD Rom. Sassy Cheryl's is not responsible for replacing digital file(s) due to customer error or computer crashes.

How do I unzip the file(s)?
    *After you have download each of your files, save them to your documents.
    *Click on the file and after it opens, save the image file to your documents.
    *You will then be able to open the image in your preferred program and print.

How do I resize an image?
    *After following the instructions in the previous Q&A, open it in your picture manager to create a .jpg (picture file).
    *Go back to your documents folder and open the .jpg image. Right click on the image and select the copy option.
    *Open your MS Word and right click on the page to paste the image.
    *Once you have the image in MS Word, do the following:
        ~Choice: Format, Picture, Size, Resize.

For MAC users, here is a great link that shows you how to use Preview to resize an image.  Apple has changed their 'Save As..." option, so be sure to duplicate the image that you have resized and give it a specific name.

How do I apply your Sales Discount Code or redeem my Gift Card?
Add any items that you would like to purchase to your shopping cart. When checking out, the discount code box is to the right in the 'tan' section. This is where you need to enter the discount code that you were provided. Please note that a refund will not be given due to a customer not entering the code upon checkout. I value each of my customers, but it is time consuming to go back & issue refunds because of customer error. Thank you for your understanding.