Chilly Willy Bella

Oh. My. Goodness! Bella must be terrible cold to be sporting that outfit! But don't she look adorable! I think Sally is having WAY too much fun dressing up Bella. I'll say this....She's on a roll!

If you love penguins & are a winter fan, then you'll definitely want to check out Penguin Panache & Happy Feetzies. Or simply do a 'winter' search. You'll find LOTS of fun images for the 'chilly' season.

-Available as a digital stamp OR a colored illustration. Also available as a 'sketchy' digital stamp OR a 'sketchy' colored image. Each file includes both a .png or .jpg image. Please choose your preferred option from the drop down box. Refunds or exchanges are not given due to customer error.

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Chilly Willy Bella Chilly Willy Bella Chilly Willy Bella Chilly Willy Bella
Chilly Willy Bella

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